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Published: 06th July 2008
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Nasal strips, nose drops and sprays aid in proper functioning of the respiratory system by clearing the passage of air. Aromatherepy also claims to help breathe better. Nasal strip is an adhesive pad embedded with plastic bands. When the pad is placed across the nose the bands straighten thereby lifting the sides of the nose and opening up the valve of the nose. This helps in smooth flow of air as you sleep. The strips are used to clear congestion of the nose in case of sinus, cold or allergies, and are widely used during the sleep for snoring and sleep apnea. People with deviated septum and athletes too use nasal strips for better functioning of the respiratory system.

Many sportsmen and women believe that using nasal strips can help them perform better, as they help in breathing more through the nose. When airflow increases, oxygen supply to the lungs also increase and muscles are provided more energy for physical activity. During work out when the intensity increases, the oxygen supply does not suffice and athletes start breathing through the mouth. Breathing through mouth tires one quickly, and it has been noticed that using nasal strips delays this switch over from breathing through nose to breathing through mouth. The indirect benefits athletes derive from using nasal strips could be even psychological, if not physiological.

Snoring occurs because one is unable to breathe normally through nose, and in case of some obstruction in the nasal passage, one starts breathing through mouth. Clearing the path of air is not the ultimate remedy for snoring in all cases. Sometimes snoring results from problem of the tongue or soft palate and in such cases the strips are useless. However the nasal strips has found to be effective in many. Nose has to be cleaned and dried before application of the strip for proper adhesion, as oily skin can make the strip fall off. It has to be fastened on the nose by pressing gently, after finding your comfortable spot on the nose and within minutes breathing becomes easier. In case of any rash or wound the strip must not be used as the adhesive can cause reaction. Those who develop allergy of the skin due to gums of any kind should also stay away from nasal strips. The strips can be used up to 12 hrs and in case of any inflammation or irritation; it has to be immediately removed.

Obstruction of the nasal passage can develop in one the habit of breathing through mouth, which can cause other problems. Using nasal strips continuously for about a week can facilitate breathing through the nose comfortably, as the resistance is considerably reduced, which helps the individual to drop the habit of breathing through mouth. Many users have found that the nasal strips help them sleep better and also that they could come out of the addiction for nasal sprays. Continuous use makes one comfortable with the strips. The advantage of nasal strips being its effectiveness without any side effects, reaction or addiction.

Certain nasal strips are placed over the nostrils of the horse to improve its respiratory health and performance, and are widely used in race-horses. It is found that while using certain cheap nasal strips the strip falls off during the sleep and the quality of the strips are very important for best results.

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